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TERRY Nicolas

Manager, publisher and art director for origami projects. He is the founder and manager of this store. 

His website presenting his models: terrynicolas.com

Contact: contact@origami-shop.com

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origami book #2 Licence to fold nicolas terry in english
19.99 €
Available In stock
book 0 Passion Origami - Format e-book nicolas terry in french and english
19.99 €
Available In stock
Pumpkin [free diagram]
Cat [free diagram]
Flower [free diagram]
Pine Tree [free diagram]
Mountains [free diagram]
Bat [free diagram]
How to use Affinity Designer to draw more easily origami diagram
#2 Licence to Fold - Fr + SP + German translation [free e-book]
Ultimate Origami Weapon - 16 cm (6.3")
22.50 €
Available In stock
Tips #9 to create an outstanding model
Ultimate Origami Weapon - 18 cm (7")
24.99 €
Available In stock
How to learn how to create an origami model?
Tips #8 to create an outstanding model
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